Winners For Nicki Minaj’s Shop Your Way Contest To Be Announced This Week

A couple weeks back, Nicki Minaj announced that she would be holding a sweepstakes where fans could win a chance to be a featured designer in her upcoming “Nicki Minaj Collection” clothing line. 

All they had to do was submit their favorite t-shirt slogan on Nicki’s Shop Your Way page. If the Queen Barb approved, your slogan would be chosen to be featured on one of her new t-shirts.

Now, after some deliberation, Minaj announced yesterday viaMyPinkFriday, that the lucky winners will be announced later this week. So, be sure to check back throughout the week to find out which lucky slogans won! Perhaps you could be one of them!

Also, be sure to sign up for a Shop Your Way account so you can get all of Nicki’s latest fashion updates!

Did you submit a slogan for Nicki’s Shop Your Way collection? What are some of the best slogans you have come across?

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