Throwback Thursday’s – Lil Wayne’s ‘The Dedication’

the dedication cover

“I got a strong relationship with expensive clothes…”

In honor of Lil Wayne releasing his “Bugatti Remix”, the first single off his Dedication 5 mixtape, we’re taking it way back to 2005 when Wayne dropped the first Dedication.

This was a historic mixtape as it marked a drastic style change in Wayne’s flow and was the first time Weezy and Drama hooked up for a project. This tape really changed the music world and brought back a lot of light to the underground mixtape scene. Always one to be putting out music for the streets, this tape truly cemented Wayne as one the rawest spitters we’ve ever heard and his lyrics speak for themself.

Despite how large his career continues to grow, Wayne will always be remembered as an underground musical legend and this tape is just a reminder of his unique and special abilities as a rapper. Little did we know that this was just the beginning and there would be four more Dedication’s.

In total, this tape has 29 tracks and the first four, including his remix to T.I.’s “Motivation”, truly capture the essence and magnitude of this mixtape. There are also the amazing tracks “Over Here”, “U Gon Love Me”, “Down & Out”, “I’m A Ridah” and “Weezy F. Baby”. Honestly, just listen to the tape from front to back and be the judge for yourself! There’s a flow for everyone on this one!

This was also a momentous occasion as Wayne dedicated this tape to his hometown and the fallen soldiers of New Orleans. This tape also came out during a time when there were rumors that Wayne was contemplating a move over to Jay-Z and Def Jam, which he addresses on track 8. As we know now, Wayne went with Universal Records and the rest is history.

Listen below and remember why Wayne was and still is the “Best Rapper Alive”! You also got to love the raw sound of his chains clicking in the background of all his skits.

R.I.P. Soldier Slim

Soldier Slim

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