Lil Wayne Talks About His Clothing Line, Skating, The Hot Boys and Why Stevie Wonder Once Told Him To Shut Up [Interview] [Video]

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne sat down with Mass Appeal at his Supra launch in Miami to talk about some of his business ventures and why Stevie Wonder once told him to shut up

While at the Spectre Supra Launch in Miami, Mass Appeal caught up with Weezy F. to ask him a bunch of questions for their “Off The Wall” series.

They talked about his favorite sports movie, how he started skating, the meaning of Trukfit, how he got his nickname “Shrimp Daddy”, how he got into rap as a child, how he feels having been a rap star his entire life and what is the most surprising song on his iPod.

Mass Appeal also asked Wayne if he preferred Marvin Gaye or Stevie Wonder, which is when Weezy began his hysterical story about the “Superstitious” singer telling him to shut up.

“…I walked in a party…and I didn’t know Stevie was playin…it was a party…a club,” he told Mass Appeal. “So I walked in there like a regular party…talking…and Stevie was playing the piano. He had told everyone to be quiet…but I didn’t know, I just walked in…and he went off on me!”

“Remember that Boo?” he asked his friend. “He went off on me like…SHUT UP! Whoever that is, SHUT UP!” Weezy funnily re-enacted. “So Marvin man.”

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