John Terry Celebration Memes

So, as we know, John Terry was suspended for the UEFA Final on Saturday and had to watch his team in a suit and tie on the sidelines. He did look quite miserable as he sat there, without his captains band, watching his team defend for their lives and then miraculously pull out the victory. However, as soon as Drogba punched in the final penalty kick to give Chelsea the victory, IT WAS PARTY TIME FOR TERRY! He immediately threw off his suit like Superman (without the phone booth) and revealed his full Chelsea kit underneath his suit. What a guy! We all can’t like Terry, but we can at least enjoy his dedication to his club and soccer. After the over zealous celebration, a slew of John Terry Celebration Memes started to pop up around the web. Here are a couple courtesy of The Telegraph. My favorite is a toss up between the moon picture below and the Harry and Pippa picture after the jump.

In full kit, of course…

Pace was not thought to be a big part of Terry’s game, but new evidence suggests he’s actually the world’s fastest man:

Were we all too distracted royal-watching last summer to notice the real star of the show?

Terry has never been afraid to make a stand for what he believes in:

And he’s always delighted when justice prevails:

He’s multi-talented, too. Did you know he won an awful lot of Grammys last year?

That John Terry… He gets around.



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